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The O’Keefe Marathon and its other events the Half Marathon, Quarter Marathon, Mile and the very popular Ekiden Relay over the marathon distance all return on the 23rd April 2017. The first event held in 2016 along the O’Keefe Rail Trail between Bendigo and Heathcote was an amazing success by the post-race survey and comments.

The trail already could be viewed as one of the fastest off-road courses, with the marathon winner running 2 hours 34 minutes going into the race not running the distance before and with a best time in the half marathon of 73 minutes. The female winner ran an 18 minute PB (3:12) in her 10th marathon.

The O’Keefe Rail Trail is relatively flat and the surface will not concern any person normally accustomed to road running, but off-road enough to meet the wishes of our runners that prefer the natural environment to run on.

The trail passes through spectacular eucalyptus areas, forests, farmland and waterways such as the Campaspe River and Lake Eppalock.

Completed for cycling, recreational running and walking in 2015, the O'Keefe will provide a superb experience and potentially the chance to complete your fastest off-road marathon. It provides a variety of events, or organise a team and do one of only two Ekiden relays in the country over the Marathon distance.

Event Web site: http://www.theokeefe.com.auWeb site

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