9 weeks and 2 days

Colour Frenzy is Regional Australia’s BIGGEST Fun Run!
The 5K Colour Frenzy is an untimed, colour fun run/walk at several locations in Australia. What better way to have fun with the family then adding colour!
Come join in the fun with Colour, Foam and Obstacles!
With our Animal Rescues Tour 2020 we are aiming to raise over $100,000 Australia wide by making everyone have fun, Come Join Us!
Let's Get Colourful!!

Event Web site: https://colourfrenzy.com.au/events/northlakes/Web site

Note: location may be approximate

Introducing our Run Pace Calculator

Side view of a young woman jogging in a city park.

Do you have a target time for your 10k, half marathon or marathon and need to know what your splits should be? Well you are in luck! Today we are releasing our super-easy to use Pace Calculator. Simply choose your distance, time, and it will calculate your pace and splits.

Check it out here.

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