Training for a run isn't just a matter of putting on your shoes and heading out the door. This page lists some different training sessions which will help you achieve your goal.

Long Run

  • For training for longer distances (eg marathons, half-marathons)
  • Don't add more than 10% each week
  • Goal is to improve endurance and provide confidence that you can run longer distances
  • The aim is to leave you moderately to severely fatigued

Interval training

  • Goal is to improve your 'cruising' speed and fatigue resistance
  • Involves multiple bursts of high intensity running followed by recovery times in between
  • Should be performed at or near maximum effort
  • Can be quite painful!


  • A regular run interspersed with interval sessions
  • As an example, see Mona Fartlek

Tempo Run

  • A sustained run at a fast pace over a prolonged period (eg 1 hour)
  • Goal is to improve cruising speed

Hill Runs

  • Used to build strength
  • Repeat runs up a hill - ideally 3-5%

Recovery Run

  • Easy pace
  • Adds milage to your training
  • Helps with recovery from harder runs